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“We think the SkiA Ski Trainer is a perfect tool for helping our membership learn the art of balance and discover how it affects every motion in the sport of skiing.”

Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI)
Mark Dorsey, Executive Director and CEO

“We have tested the SkiA Ski Trainer and feel it can really help finding the true sweetspot of the ski/boot interface, challenging athletes to constantly engage and stay on top of their balance, whether in training, racing or freeskiing”

Canadian Ski Instructors Association (CSIA)

“The Sweetspot Trainer is an essential tool for every serious skier at any level.”

Chris Fellows
Author of Total Skiing, and Director of North American Ski Training Center (NASTC)

“It is a good thing to use when you are off the snow. It is a very ski specific balance exercise tool which is very useful and good for training balance on. For skiers it is the best and easiest way. I will take some with me this summer when I go to the camps at Mt Hood, and my daughter (Reece) will be using one too.”

Martin Bell
4-time Olympic Skier (1984-1996) and Race Coach

“"The Skia Sweetspot Trainer is a great training aid to train balance on ski boots"”

Alfons Schmid
Head Trainer, Race centre Benni Raiche

“If you are an enthusiastic skier, you will be able to transform your performance using the principles of this product. As a ski Olympian and ski and snowboard instructor I know a little bit about biomechanics. Simply put if you stand, do squats, small jumps and movements with the Sweetspot attached you will be using the exact muscles that you use when skiing. This will produce a muscle memory in those muscles and targets them specifically. If you're the sort of person that is just starting out, or already mad about skiing and want to get the best out of your skiing, then you should give this product a go. I am”

David Scott
Editor Snowco, Olympic Speed Skier 1992 Albertville
(full article

“I use it not only to help with balance but I also do exercises and work with weights to improve control and fitness. I was quite sceptical when I first saw it, but was immediately surprised about how useful it is. ”

Emily Sarsfield
UK #1 Ski Cross Racer

“The tool for perfect regulation in the ski boot - any time, anywhere.”

DSLV (Association of Professional Ski Instructors, Germany)

“The key to ensuring success with the Trainer is to use it often, but in short bursts. This feeds the subconscious mind constant snippets of information that build into a bigger picture. Put that all together on the slopes and you have a converged series of messages that combine to make your skiing more fluid, more accurate and more in balance.”

BASI News (magazine of British Association of Snowsports Instructors)
Winter 2013

“Finding the sweet spot and developing the skills to stay in that place throughout the turn is the difference between an average skier and a great skier. We all know the feeling, but maintaining the sensation throughout the turn can be fleeting. The Sweetspot SkiA Trainer is a great tool for finding our point of balance and refining our ability to stay in balance. Give it a try.”

Bill Madsen
Director of Operations, NASTAR

“Before we left the lodge I asked each racer to make a mental image of what the Sweet Spot Ski Trainer felt like and to immediately head to the slopes and capture that sensation on their skis. WOW! I had ten very different racers! I set a rhythmic stubby course on a slightly steeper slope and the racers went through as many times as possible before the close of practice. These kids were skiing at a level I would expect after four to five weeks of training Saturdays and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Please keep in mind I did not have the ability to work with each racer at length - basics only and self-coaching. Edging, rotation and upper body separation were significantly improved on all skiers ”

Boyd Smith
Coach: 36 years ski race coaching
Team: Tussey Mountain Alpine Racing Team (TMART)
Ski Area: Tussey Mountain All Season Resort, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

“We are using the Sweetspot Trainer ourselves, and with all of our clients. It activates your body and muscles in a way that no other ski simulator touches. You have to create and maintain your balance over the point of pressure, leaving no way of cheating. Quite simply, if you use this your skiing will improve !”

Gavin Kerr Hunter
Director, SnowPerformance
Crystal Mountain, Washington State
Snow Sports training Specialists
PSIA Trainer and examiner

“I find the trainer really helpful to understand correct stance, able to practice rotary and edging giving overall great balance. Excellent for all levels of skiers. Light and easy to to travel with.”

Keith Jeffers
Ski Instructor, New Zealand

“I spent 10-20 minutes per session once a day, then literally slept on the experience, and found that despite a lack of success in a previous training session, there was significant improvement the next time on those blocks. Once I got good at vertical movement on one set of blocks, I moved up. Yesterday I tested this training on the ski hill and was pleasantly rewarded with a sense of being utterly bulletproof the first day of the season. I definitely recommend the product for anyone looking for an extra performance boost. It works while you sleep, but you have to put in real time on the blocks, going through the progressions, to work that magic.”

Nolo, 17,000+ posts

“I believe the Sweetspot Ski Trainer is an effective tool for maintaining and improving the ski specific brain/ski boot coordination and balance that makes us good and better skiers. I have made and used a balance board, but it does not offer the progression challenge that the Sweetspot Ski Trainer does, nor does it effectively incorporate using actual ski boots and the ski boot sweetspot. The Sweetspot Ski Trainer is not a very expensive tool, and I recommend incorporating it into your off-season fitness routine on a regular basis.”

Mike Doyle

“The Sweetspot (Trainer) really heightens your awareness of where you should be on your skis. It's a fun training tool to complement your skiing”

F Mullen
SCI Instructor

“I am recovering from extensive knee surgery (the second time in 6 years). I was looking for something more ski specific than the traditional proprioceptive drills like wobble boards etc. Not only is it great to be dry land training in my ski boots, but my proprioception is improving every time I use them. Its bringing the time I can get back onto skis closer, and nothing makes me happier than that! ”

Helen W

“The Sweetspot Trainer facilitates practicing being centered in your ski boots and habituating your feeling for effective stance, posture and alignment. Using the Sweetspot Trainer you are also able to habituate sound fundamental flexion, extension, leg rotation and edging movement patterns to underpin your skiing.”

David Murrie
Professor of Sports Biomechanics & Physical Education (USA) and Principal Lecturer in Sports Science & Conditioning, School of Physiotherapy (England). Trained world champion runners and swimmers, and a specialist in developing speed in sport

“I just thought to give you a little feedback as a newcomer to SkiA. I've been training with the green and blue blocks for the past 2 weeks and trying out some of the drills on the piste and was amazed how much less effort it is to ski! My husband is an ex-FIS ski racer and thought he'd be clever and go straight to the red blocks but quickly realised that he had to start from the bottom to train his balance. ”

Anna Unger

“Great skiing depends upon great balance, yet most skiers are unaware of how to balance accurately. The Sweetspot Trainer is a fantastic tool in developing the natural, coordinated movements necessary for skilful skiing and directing them through specific balance targets. The Sweetspot Trainer is a powerful training aid that will benefit every single skier, regardless of ability.”

James Lamb.
BASI International Ski Teacher, Director of BASS Morzine
British Demonstration Team Member, Interski Congress, St Anton, 2011

“It's a great device for racers to train their skills of balance, accuracy and movement.”

Chris Hill - Ventura Sports.
Former British National Squads Coach and British Children's Team Coach.
Head Coach Snowsports Race Club and ESSkiA

“Simple. Effective. Innovative. A great tool and program for staying ski ready year-round.”

Dave Beckwith
Killington Resort, Pico Mountain
Director of Snow Sports

“The Sweetspot Trainer is a great product that combines balance and accuracy of movement. We have tested them with the Team Evolution Minis team and they loved them. They have mastered most coloured blocks and have found the trainer really beneficial. It was difficult to get the trainers off their feet before going to school! We hope that using the SkiA Trainer next season and at our summer camps our athletes and many other youngsters will gain from this product”

Yannick Green
Team Evolution Racing

“I have been skiing and club racing for over 30 years and have tried many training devices and exercises to get ready for the next ski racing season. The SKiA Sweetspot trainer is one of the simplest, and least expensive ski specific devices or pieces of training equipment I have ever used. It is also WAY harder than I thought it would be considering my level of experience. I have only tried the easiest green level of balance points for the trainer, and it takes a great deal of concentration, and muscle training to be able to balance on that block. The ski specific exercises outlined in the manual mimic actual ski positions, training you to balance in the exact center of your ski boot. You are forced to train your muscles and increase static endurance in ski positions on dry land. It is portable, you can put in your gym bag and use it anywhere on any hard surface. ”

Ralph P
AA Vet Club Racer Cleveland Metropoliton Ski Council/New York Masters Racer/NASTAR Racer

“I am an ex-racer, (retired 4 years) so consider myself of expert all-mountain level... I was shocked on my first attempt where the sweetspot was, it did catch me out, but quickly mastered this level (green block)... This trainer will shock many skiers, when they realise where the sweetspot really is (even expert skiers). It will improve your fitness as it provides a good workout while improving your technique; you will feel the burn in your legs. I really do believe this can improve the technique of skiers of all ability levels. I wish I had found this while I was still racing. ”
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“The BASS Network has been involved in the development and trialling of the SkiA Sweetspot Trainer. This has given us great opportunities to use the prototypes with clients and we have seen some fantastic results. It has been quite amazing to watch skiers with an habitual, unbalanced style coming off the slopes, stepping onto the Sweetspot Trainer and changing almost instantly. ”

BASI News (Journal of British Association of Snowsports Instructors)
by James Lamb, BASI Level 4 international instructor

“The Sweetspot Trainer is quite simply the best training aid for skiers that I have ever seen, at any price. No other training device offers this benefit, or this progression. ”

Hugh Monney.
BASI Level 4 International Instructor and Director of the British Alpine Ski School

“ I suffered a severe ankle injury during military service that meant I lost my tibialis posterior tendon. This caused a 30% weakness in my ankle and, following ankle reconstruction, needed re-training of my balance function. The Sweetspot Trainer was a great aid in improving my proprioception on that side and gave me the confidence to ski in control again, build the right muscles quickly and I now walk without a limp. Thanks”

Dave S
Ex Forces

“The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer is a must-have for all serious ski instructors. It will transform their own skiing, allowing them to centre quickly over their skis and therefore perform consistently at peak performance. By incorporating the Sweet Spot trainer into their lessons, their pupils will get the same benefit and will progress much more quickly. It can keep you in tune over the summer, and it is a great tool for getting centred quickly after having a break away from skis. It is best used in the morning before you hit the slopes. I'm converted.”

Andrew Lockerbie
Ski Teacher and Coach - working with all standards from beginners to international athletes, including developing ski instructors for BASI, as a trainer, for over 21 years
British Association of Snowsports Instructors Level 4 International Ski Teacher Diploma.
Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors Trainer
Adaptive Ski Instructor
Alpine Performance Coach

“At BASS Chamonix we used the sweet spot trainer with a number of clients from ski school through to instructor training sessions. It proved a very useful way for clients to really understand "where" they need to be and how easy it is to then feel and be more effective with the steering elements. We look forward to incorporating this excellent product into our future training sessions.”

Derek & Shona Tate.
Directors at the British Alpine Ski School, Chamonix

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