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A carefully-structured program

The trainer comes with a carefully-structured program of exercises. The manual covers three key areas:

  • Centred balance
  • Movement in balance
  • Control movements (centred pivoting and edging).

On-snow exercise drills are included, so you can apply your new skills directly to your skiing.

Our blog covers the exercise program in detail

Start with the largest, green blocks. These are designed to be relatively easy to balance on, and will enable you to develop accurate and confident movement patterns. As the blocks get smaller, they get progressively harder. Even expert skiers are surprised at the workout, and how quickly their skills can improve with training. The smallest blocks are a challenge for anyone – imagine balancing sideways on a tightrope, in ski boots

As you get better on each level, challenge your balance further. Touch your toes, then touch the floor. Pass balance blocks around behind your back, or between your knees. Play catch and throw with a partner. As you progress, you can substitute light weights (such as a small bottle of water) or a ball. Balancing on one leg is a fun challenge that really develops skills of centred balance. Invent your own exercises, and let us know!

Build in edging and pivoting movements (essential for short radius turns on steep or narrow slopes) 

Use the trainers for short training sessions

Ten minute sessions, repeated as often as you like, are perfect. You will benefit immediately from your very first training session, but you will get the maximum benefit from rest and repetition over a period of time. You will see the progression quite clearly in your ability to balance on smaller and smaller blocks. Regular use over a 2 week period will have a remarkable effect on your balance skills. Regular use for longer can develop exceptional skills.

Once you have developed your skills to the desired level, you will retain much of your ability from month to month, and year to year. However, you will benefit enormously from refreshing and renewing your skills every time you plan to ski. In particular, we recommend using the Trainers for a few minutes in the morning before you ski – this will tune you in to perfect centred balance before you hit the slopes.

The fastest improvement and most effective benefit

SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainers can perhaps deliver the fastest improvement and most effective benefit of any part of a ski fitness program. They will certainly help maximise the benefits of any aerobic, strength or power training you do. Use the Trainers as part of your program, and see the improvement in your ski performance.


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