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What is the SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer?

The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer will activate your whole body, and will enhance your balance skills and movement patterns in a unique and highly skiing-specific way.

The trainers are designed to be used with ski boots, specifically because boots provide firm support that limit free movement of the ankle joints. With other commonly-used balance training aids, such as wobble-boards, almost all of the work of balancing is carried out by the ankle joints. It’s possible to compensate for almost any position by 'wobbling' the ankles. This is not what happens when you stand on solid ground, and it’s certainly not what happens when you ski.

In limiting free movement of the ankle joints, SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainers very closely simulate the balance challenge of skiing – you have to use your whole body to balance. You will become far more aware of the balance signals coming from your feet – activating and training your sense of proprioception. You will engage your knees and hips; the core muscles of your pelvis, abdomen and back; and your shoulders and arms. You will even engage your head to remain stable and centered. On the smallest blocks, the sense of balance is so finely tuned that even movements of your fingers can work to keep you in balance.


Fore-aft balance is highly complex

Fore-aft balance is a highly complex system, and accurate balance requires highly coordinated movement patterns. The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer is the only device that trains your balance and movement skills in this way. To stand on the blocks you have to be in centered balance. You automatically adopt a dynamic centered posture – the posture of a dynamic, centered skier – simply because if you are to remain in balance there is no alternative.

The challenge is to remain exactly on target as you flex and extend dynamically. It’s usual for skiers to tip out of balance when flexing downwards or extending back up. The Trainer is unique in enabling you to train both a sophisticated and reproducible sequence of movements, and to stay exactly centered through a full, dynamic range of flexion and extension.

As well as training skills, the Trainer unmistakably shows you where to balance. Using it, you will know exactly where your target point is, and you will be able to feel this and be aware of it every moment that you ski. Using progressively smaller and smaller blocks, you will be able to refine your sensitivity, and find this target and balance on it with more and more accuracy every time.

Why centered balance matters



How do you use it?

You can use the trainer on any firm surface - such as tiles, wooden floors, carpet, and even firm snow. Simply clip it onto your ski boots and push in your chosen blocks from four levels of difficulty:

Green: The largest blocks. Fun and easy to use, even for absolute beginners.

Blue and red: A progressively difficult challenge for intermediates and more advanced skiers.

Black: Designed to be extremely difficult - a challenge even for experts such as experienced racers and freestyle skiers. 

Practice takes just a few minutes at a time, and you feel the results immediately. After just one session, you'll start to have a clear and specific understanding of skilful centered balance. A carefully structured program of exercises progresses from centered balance through to advanced control techniques.

Click to see our carefully-structured program of exercises

“We have tested the SkiA Ski Trainer and feel it can really help finding the true sweetspot of the ski/boot interface, challenging athletes to constantly engage and stay on top of their balance, whether in training, racing or freeskiing”

Canadian Ski Instructors Association

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