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Take your skiing performance to the next level


Ski Training Just Got A Lot More Fun


The SkiA Ski Trainer is the new way to maximise your skiing performance and enjoyment 

It’s a unique dry-land training device, designed to be used with ski boots, which can be used almost anywhere. The Trainer is used by thousands of skiers, and recommended by professional skiers and racers, leading ski schools, and national ski instructor organisations worldwide.

You can quickly train, practice and perfect essential skills that will take your skiing to a new level. Use it to get in shape for a season, to prepare for ski trips or competitions, and as an essential part of your preparation and ski fitness program.

It’s proven to work for skiers of every standard.

It’s perfect for complete beginners and intermediate skiers, and equally good for advanced and expert skiers.

It can be used by adults and children (from 5-6 yrs upwards), and fits every size of Alpine ski boots. 

Emily Sarsfield and Ed Drake: UK #1 Ski Cross Skiers

The Smallest, Lightest Ski Simulator


Included in the pack is 1 pair of trainers, and 4 pairs of balance blocks, with a detailed instruction manual by Hugh Monney. Simply adjust the trainers so that the blocks centre under the ski boots. Then (wearing the boots) balance on the blocks so that your toes and heels don’t touch the floor.

It starts easy, but it gets a lot harder (and even more fun) because the balance blocks get progressively smaller and more challenging to balance on.

The largest (green) blocks are designed to be quite easy, but the smaller (blue and red) blocks are each more difficult than before. The smallest (black) blocks challenge the very best skiers.

As you master one size of block, move onto a smaller pair for the next challenge.

You can use the SkiA Ski Trainer anywhere, on almost any firm surface. Use it at home, in the comfort of your living room; or in the gym, as part of your workout program.

Bring it on your next trip (it’s small and light enough to easily fit in a day sack, or even a large pocket). Use it in your hotel or chalet, or even on the mountain. It’s the handy, affordable alternative to a ski machine or ski simulator.


Use Your Whole Body To Balance

We designed the SkiA Ski Trainer to be used with ski boots because, with your ankles ‘braced’ by the boots, you have to use your whole body to balance.

It’s impossible to balance purely by using feet and ankle movements. You really have to sense and tune into the balance signals from your feet, and engage your hips, shoulders, head and arms – right to your fingertips - to stay centred.

It’s a unique and patented challenge – no other balance trainer works this way – and it’s exactly the way that you balance on skis. It’s also great fun for all ages

For anyone recovering from injury, it's a safe, progressive way to retrain balance, proprioception and an increased range of movement

The Key To Better Skiing

Great balance is the key to better skiing. Use the SkiA Ski Trainer to practice, train and develop fantastic balance skills. 

Training takes just minutes at a time, and because you're learning and developing skills (rather than just strength or aerobic fitness) it’s astonishing how quickly you can develop and improve. If you have the chance to ski straightaway, you will notice the difference immediately. 

  • Balance skills: use the Trainer to practice highly ski-specific balance skills – mastering these will greatly increase your control in all conditions. Skiing 'stacked', centred and balanced throughout your whole body, will reduce the strength and muscle effort required for skiing at any speed. If you experience tired and aching muscles, leg, knee or other joint pains when you ski, then developing accurate balance skills will dramatically improve your skiing experience. Whatever your standard, improved balance skills will increase your endurance and agility. Refine and perfect your skills, to take your performance to the next level.


  • Movement patterns: use the Trainer to practice accurate movement patterns– flex and extend in balance on the blocks, and practice rotation movements, leg pivoting (essential for short radius turns on steep and narrow runs) and lateral movements from edge to edge. This is the perfect way to train and develop your muscle memory, so that you will automatically use the same highly effective movements when you ski.


  • Posture: the trainer promotes great posture, which can be one of the hardest aspects of skiing to train. To balance, you have to be centred – the key to really effective skiing posture. For skiers who habitually ski ‘in the back seat’, using the Trainer is a revelation - get centred almost instantly!


  • Core strength: the Trainer also develops core strength and stability, essential for reducing your risk of falls and injury, and for developing a powerful, dynamic technique. Using the trainer will develop your core strength, incorporating your core muscles as an essential part of your system of balance and movement.


SkiA training dramatically increases the benefit of strength and aerobic workouts. Refining your balance, movement patterns, posture and core stability, provides a fantastic foundation to maximise the benefit of other exercise programs.  



Train Anywhere, FAST


Time spent on the SkiA Trainer is 100% focused. You can have fun, safely explore balancing the limits of your skill and ability

"I have been skiing and club racing for over 30 years and have tried many training devices and exercises to get ready for the next ski racing season. The SKiA Trainer is one of the simplest and least expensive ski specific devices or pieces of training equipment I have ever used. It is also WAY harder than I thought it would be, considering my level of experience"                                         Ralph P, New York Masters Racer/NASTAR Racer


Because the training is so focused, minutes of practice can be of more benefit than hours spent skiing. By training and developing your skills on dry land, you then get the very best value from the time you spend on skis.  Work on and perfect your skills before your trip with the SkiA Ski Trainer, and then really maximise the benefits of your investment in ski lessons or coaching. Get the most out of your skiing – forever.


See our video for how the SkiA Ski Trainer can transform your skiing:

SkiA Sweetspot Trainer - from Life Cinematic

What people are saying

“We think the SkiA Ski Trainer is a perfect tool for helping our membership learn the art of balance and discover how it affects every motion in the sport of skiing.”

Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI)
Mark Dorsey, Executive Director and CEO

“We have tested the SkiA Ski Trainer and feel it can really help finding the true sweetspot of the ski/boot interface, challenging athletes to constantly engage and stay on top of their balance, whether in training, racing or freeskiing”

Canadian Ski Instructors Association (CSIA)

“The Sweetspot Trainer is an essential tool for every serious skier at any level.”

Chris Fellows
Author of Total Skiing, and Director of North American Ski Training Center (NASTC)

“"The Skia Sweetspot Trainer is a great training aid to train balance on ski boots"”

Alfons Schmid
Head Trainer, Race centre Benni Raiche

“I use it not only to help with balance but I also do exercises and work with weights to improve control and fitness. I was quite sceptical when I first saw it, but was immediately surprised about how useful it is. ”

Emily Sarsfield
UK #1 Ski Cross Racer

“The tool for perfect regulation in the ski boot - any time, anywhere.”

DSLV (Association of Professional Ski Instructors, Germany)

“The key to ensuring success with the Trainer is to use it often, but in short bursts. This feeds the subconscious mind constant snippets of information that build into a bigger picture. Put that all together on the slopes and you have a converged series of messages that combine to make your skiing more fluid, more accurate and more in balance.”

BASI News (magazine of British Association of Snowsports Instructors)
Winter 2013

“Finding the sweet spot and developing the skills to stay in that place throughout the turn is the difference between an average skier and a great skier. We all know the feeling, but maintaining the sensation throughout the turn can be fleeting. The Sweetspot SkiA Trainer is a great tool for finding our point of balance and refining our ability to stay in balance. Give it a try.”

Bill Madsen
Director of Operations, NASTAR

“Great skiing depends upon great balance, yet most skiers are unaware of how to balance accurately. The Sweetspot Trainer is a fantastic tool in developing the natural, coordinated movements necessary for skilful skiing and directing them through specific balance targets. The Sweetspot Trainer is a powerful training aid that will benefit every single skier, regardless of ability.”

James Lamb.
BASI International Ski Teacher, Director of BASS Morzine
British Demonstration Team Member, Interski Congress, St Anton, 2011

“It's a great device for racers to train their skills of balance, accuracy and movement.”

Chris Hill - Ventura Sports.
Former British National Squads Coach and British Children's Team Coach.
Head Coach Snowsports Race Club and ESSkiA





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