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Accidents and injury are unfortunately all-too-common in skiing. Skiers are particularly prone to knee injury, especially those involving anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

There is growing evidence that the Skia SKi Trainer helps to speed rehabilitation and recovery from injury. It helps improve proprioception, retrains the balance function and builds muscle strength - in a safe and structured way. At the same time skiers using the trainer develop enhanced skills of balance and co-ordination.

Centered balance improves control, and significantly reduces the loading on the skeleton and joints - particularly on the knee joints.

This gives skiers the confidence to return to the slopes plus the ability to ski more safely, so reducing the risk of further accident and injury.

Use the SkiA trainer to help reduce your risk of injury and, if you have been unfortunate, use it to help speed your recovery. 

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“Centered balance and centered stance are important for fundamental movements. The Sweetspot Trainer gives you the starting point to ski athletically and efficiently. It's an essential tool for every serious skier at any level.”

Chris Fellows, Author of 'Total Skiing', and 'Tactics for All Mountain Skiing'; Director of NASTC (North American Ski Training Center)

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