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Finding the Sweet Spot: NASTAR feature

Finding the Sweet Spot

Doing anything well requires confidence. Good balance when skiing inspires confidence.
By Bill Madsen

It is difficult to train specifically for skiing and ski racing because sliding on

skis is hard to replicate in the gym. The gym is important for improving

fitness but training our muscles to maintain balance requires a different

skill set. 


The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer can improve our ability to control fore-aft

balance because it teaches us exactly where to stand to maintain balance.

The trainer uses different size blocks that allow the user to gradually

improve their skills so that they can refine their balance. When we stand

on our skis and our skis begin to slide, we contract our core. The SkiA

Trainer forces us to engage our core to maintain balance and thus

teaches us how to manage for-aft balance.

To make perfectly carved turns we need to be balanced on our skis' sweet

spot. Depending on our height and weight and the length of our levers (i.e.

legs) the sweet spot is different for every skier. Finding the sweet spot and

developing the skills to stay in that place throughout the turn is the

difference between an average skiers and a great skier.

We all know the feeling, but maintaining the sensation throughout the turn

can be fleeting. The trick is to keep the hips forward, ankles flexed and the

core engaged when the terrain changes, and the terrain is always

changing. When we ski directly across the fall line the terrain is essentially

flat but as soon as we turn our skis down the fall line everything changes

and we must move forward to maintain balance. When the turn brings us

back across the fall line the topography eases off again and we need to

continue to manage our for-aft balance.

The Sweetspot SkiA Trainer is a great tool for finding our point of balance

and refining our ability to stay in balance. Give it a try.



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