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The Sweetspot Ski Trainer

David Scott - Editor Snowco, Olympic Speed Skier 1992 Albertville.

Posted on Wednesday August 8th at 12:01 p.m. 

The Sweetspot Ski Trainer is a balancing device that you attach to your ski boots to enable you to practice the position and movements of skiing in a centred balanced position.

Of course the video shows the unit being clamped onto ski boots on the snow which doesn't make a lot of sense. You use it on a flat surface prior to going to the mountain.  It's a 'dry land' trainer.

If you are an enthusiastic skier, you will be able to transform your performance using the principles of this product.

I am a keen skier but have been relegated to weekend warrior due to family and work commitments. Driving a desk all day leaves me wanting when it comes to the fitness side of things. I do want to get the most out of the riding that I do get but life and only a moderate motivation for training get in the way. Worst case; I find myself out of breath and unable to complete the longer runs with taking a breather.

I unpacked the box and found that after looking at a simple diagram was able to simply fit and position the unit on my boots.  I then put my boots on and fitted the smallest insert thinking that it would be easy. I found it surprisingly challenging and, after a while tiring.  I was sceptical at first but as I read more about the product, it makes perfect sense.


As a ski Olympian and ski and snowboard instructor I know a little bit about biomechanics. It is intriguing watching the movements of my children as they learn to ski. How we learn the movements and the muscle memories that we all acquire on the way to becoming proficient skiers. General fitness is only half the equation when it comes to being ski fit.

What it comes down to, is that with your ski boots on you are moved into a more athletic position like a tennis player about to receive serve, or a football goalkeeper about to face a penalty shot. Now put the Sweetspot Ski trainer on your boots and you are forced to balance in that position. With their wider inserts for beginner, to narrower for expert inserts you can pick a level better for your ability.

Simply put if you stand, do squats, small jumps and movements with the Sweetspot attached you will be using the exact muscles that you use when skiing. This will produce a muscle memory in those muscles and targets them specifically.

Most skiers do not get low enough when they ski. This product makes you stand in that athletic position and get lower to balance. From there you can work on core and thigh strength, pivot and angulation co-ordination necessary for turning your skis in different radius turns etc etc.

If you want to read more about Muscle Memory and its involvement with how we perform general everyday tasks as well as riding a bike, driving or indeed skiing please read the article on Wikipedia.

If you're the sort of person that is just starting out or already mad about skiing and want to get the best out of your skiing then you should give this product a go. I am.

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